Due to the limitation of environmental conditions, wind farms are often located in remote, and with the ground crew of the vertical distance is extremely high, so the maintenance cost of wind turbine generator is extremely expensive. Through online condition monitoring system, can diagnose fault condition, maintenance requirements, to assist the wind field scheduled the appropriate maintenance work, thus reducing operating costs.

From the vibration, temperature, strain, to the power quality, for the important equipment/parts can be measured to a variety of different physical signals. After the integration of these signals, you can learn more about the state of the equipment.

Can be understand by vibration monitoring of rotating machinery condition, so the wind generator vibration is one of the most important aspects of monitoring. Wind turbines including main bearing, gear box and generator, by vibration monitoring can effectively understand the health status of the equipment.

Can also monitor the fan and tower structure vibration, to understand the structure of bending, and the gas dynamic effect of wind. By monitoring the vibration signals, it can be key components in case of serious fault before, first to see if parts produce any problems, such as gear or bearing aging/damaged. And in view of the rotating machinery, must order analysis was carried out on the sensor signals for Harmonics information. Harmonic Harmonics can be used to determine a performance, and facilitate early diagnosis.

Because of improper lubrication would reduce efficiency and lead to equipment failure, so the lubricating oil is also important members in the fan system. Most of the bearing and gear aging, all because of improper use of lubricating oil and cause further damage to the fan drive system.

Strain monitoring found in application of structural health monitoring, etc, and gradually highlights its importance in the field of wind power. Laboratory by stress measurement and test the service life of the fan blades. These measurements are often use Metal foil strain gauge, the corresponding data acquisition device you will need to have voltage compensation incentive and bridge, and other functions.

Wind turbine Noise impact Noise impact measurement, and often used to determine whether the wind turbine on grid system in conformity with the specification. Noise monitoring is mainly through a microphone to measure internal and external noise of the fan. Aiming at this kind of measurement, collecting device with high sampling rate, high dynamic range, and the resistance to mix up function. When the inner noise monitoring equipment, measuring subject is the gear box and main bearing; External monitoring mainly measure the overall noise of the fan. Through noise data, can find out the high frequency part and predict possible fault. In addition, still can measure such as the sound intensity signal, or through the Third octave analysis, test the noise of the fan.